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  2018年6月英语四级听力真题【已公布】 【#大学英语四六级考试# #2018年6月英语四级听力真题【已公布】#】2018年6月英语四级考试已结束,四六级频道在考后特别搜集整理了2018年6月英语四级听力真题,仅供大家参考,祝大家顺利通过四级考试!卷一:新闻1:  Kel...
    【#大学英语四六级考试# #2018年6月英语四级听力真题【已公布】#】2018年6月英语四级考试已结束,网四六级频道在考后特别搜集整理了2018年6月英语四级听力真题,仅供大家参考,祝大家顺利通过四级考试!



    Kelly escaped to managed to save her car after the four-mile road came out of the driving down the high way 。Rattlesnakes are poisonous and threat to the people generally。 But the woman say the rattlesnake terrified her on her ways 。 It has big nails on the way to pick up her friend。 I don’t know when my hands on my steer or not。 But I can guarantee myself。 She said the snake the was first under the seat until she could get out of the high way。 Here he comes, the snake tries to find its road and get out of the car。 Kelly called for help and, Washington control animal office would capture the snake。

    Q1:How did Kelly feel when she first came across the Rattlesnake?

    Q2:What does the report say about the Rattlesnake?


    (3)Fast food turns out isn’t quite as fast as it used to be。 A new study finds that MacDonald posts its slowest drives through times since this survey was first inducted fifty years ago。 As MacDonald’s, customers were spent on average three minutes and nine seconds from the time they placed their orders until they were receive their food。 About ten seconds more, they began to straight average and lots slower than the decade ago, according to the study, which was commissioned by QSR, an industry trade publication, and MacDonald wasn’t alone in slowing down。 Other changes also saw their drive through performance slowing down。 (4)Among the reasons for the slower surveys, today there are more choices on the menu, and products themselves are more complex and take longer to prepare。 Speed, of course, is essential to the drive through experience, and drive through are hugely important to chace such as MacDonald, Burger King, and Tucle Bell。 Usually, the drive through accounts for sixty to seventy percent of all business that goes through a fast food restaurant, notes Song Ochers, editor of QSR。 Of course, consumers also want their orders to prepare correctly and on that score, Ochers says accuracy is still really high。

    3。 What is news report mainly about?

    4。 What has slow down MacDonald drive through service?


    A:Hey Sophia, how are you doing?

    B: Hi, Bob。 I’m good, thanks。 Actually, I’m on holiday with my family in Thailand at the moment, although I wish it were with my friends instead。

    A: Really? You never said you are going to Thailand。 How I envy you !

    B: I’ve only been in here a week, but you know Thailand is an amazing place, I’m having a great time here。 In fact, I’m now lying on the beach in Phuket。 I’ve been in the sun for around 15 minutes only, and I’m already getting sun burnt。 Have you been here before?

    A: No, I wish I had。 What else have you been doing in Thailand besides enjoying the sun?

    B: Well,I met a guy from Germany yesterday。 He showed me around the office that he works at。 Then I met many volunteer teachers who are mainly young people from Europe。

    A: Ahh, that’s interesting。

    B: Yes。 I also made a new little friend, Sarah。 She was so cute。 I was so sad that we were to leave at the end of the day。 If I ever come back to Thailand, I’d definitely visit this place again, as a volunteer。

    A: Well, you can tell me all about it when you get back。 My phone battery is almost dead now。 Remember to get me something from the souvenir shops。 I like to collect bits and pieces from different parts of the world。 Bye now, enjoy yourself Sophia。

    B: Bye。

    Q8: What does the woman say she is doing now?

    Q9: What did the woman do yesterday?

    Q10: Why does the man have to end the conversation?

    Q11: Why does the man ask the woman to bring him something from Thailand?


    In today’s job market, it is not a common for job seekers to send applications for many positions。 That is lots of time and lots of work to organize。 Certainly, you can’t want to waste your precious hours on following the developments on the fashion, and miss the important deadlines, confuse interview times or forget to follow up a result。 Accordingly, managing our work search properly is just as important as identify the job opportunities and send your applications。 If you familiar with Microsoft Excel or a similar program, creating a table is a simple and effective way to keep track your job applications。 If the excel isn’t used as drinking a cup of tea, don’t worried。 You can create a table in Microsoft。 Google is another tool to help you to organize your work effectively。 If you have a G-mail account, you can create a safe and send tables in addition to read a document like your cover letter and resume。 You can also link up with Google calendar to make sure you make top with the important dates。 Clearly, there plenty of days to keep track of search and to make efforts to simplify your job search well paid off。 Nevertheless you should always focus on the quality not the quantity。 Only you apply the position you are qualified for, and make each application count, personalizing each cover letters and updating your resume。

    16.What does the speaker say about today’s jobseekers?

    17.What kind of job do applicants can do with the help of the Google?

    18.What does the speaker suggest the jobseekers do?


    Before there was the written word, there was the language of dance。 Dance expresses love and hate, joy and sorrow, life and death, and everything else in between。 (22) Dance in America is everywhere。 We dance from Florida to Alaska, from Harison to Harison and coast to coast。 We dance at weddings, birthdays, office parties or just to fill the time。 (23) “I adore dancing,” says Lester Bridges, the owner of a dance studio in a small town in Iowa。 “I can‘t imagine doing anything else with my life。“ Bridges runs dance classes for all ages。 ”Teaching dance is wonderful。 My older students say it makes them feel young。 It’s marvellous to watch them。 For many of them, it‘s a way of meeting people and having a social life。” So why do we dance? “I can tell you about one young couple,” says Bridges。 “They arrive at the class in a bad mood and they leave with a smile。 Dancing seems to change their mood completely。” (24)

    So, do we dance in order to make ourselves feel better, calmer, healthier? Andrea Hillier, a dance teacher says,“Dance, like the pattern of a beating heart, is life。 Even after all these years, I want to get better and better。 I keep practicing even when I‘m exhausted。 I find it hard to stop! Dancing reminds me I’m alive。”

    22。 What does the passage say about the dance in America?

    23。 What do we know about the Lester Bridges dance studio?

    24。 What happened to the young couple after they attended last Bridges in class?



    News report 1

    A message in a bottle sent out to sea by a New Hampshire man more than five decades ago was found 1,500 miles away. And it has been returned to his daughter. A long-last message was discovered by Clint Buffington of Utah while he was vacationing. Buffington says he found a soda bottle half-buried in the sand that looked like it had been there since the beginning of time. The note inside the bottle said, ‘Return to 419 Ocean Street, and receive a reward of $150 from Richard and Tina Pierce, owners of a beachcomber motel.’ The motel was owned by the parents of Paula Piece in 1960. Her father had written the note as a joke and had thrown it into the Atlantic Ocean. Buffington flew to New Hampshire to deliver the message to Paula Piece. She held up to her father’s promise, giving Buffington that reward. But the biggest reward is the message in the bottle finding its way back home.

    Question 1. What is the news report mainly about?

    Question 2. Why did Paula Piece give Clint Buffington the reward?

    News report 2

    Millions of bees have died in South Carolina during aerial insect spraying operations that were carried out to combat the Zika virus. The insect spraying over the weekends left more than 2 million bees dead on the spot in Dorchester County, South Carolina, where 4 travel-related cases of Zika disease have been confirmed in the area. Most of the deaths came from the Flowertown Bee Farm, a company in Summerville that sells bees and honey products. Juanita Stanley who owns the company said the farm looks like it’s been destroyed. The farm lost about 2.5 million bees. Dorchester County officials apologized for the accidental mass killing of bees. Dorchester County is aware that some bee keepers in the area that were sprayed on Sunday lost their bee colonies, county manager Jason Wars said in the statement, ‘I’m not pleased that so many bees were killed’.

    Question 3. Why was spraying operations carried out in Dorchester County?

    Question 4. What does news report say about Flowertown Bee Farm?

    News report 3

    The world’s largest aircraft has taken to the sky for the first time. The Airlander 10 spent nearly 2 hours in the air, having taken off from Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire. During its flight, it reached 3,000 feet and performed a series of gentle turns all over a safe area. The aircraft isn’t massive as long as a football field and as tall as a 6 double-decker buses and capable of flying for up to 5 days. It was first developed for the US government as a long-wing spy aircraft. But it was abandoned following budget cutbacks. The aircraft costs 25 million pounds and can carry heavier loads than huge jet planes while also producing less noise and emitting less pollution. The makers believe it’s the future of aircraft, and one day we’ll be using them to go places. But there’s still a long way to go. The Airlander will need to have 200 hours flying time before being allowed to fly by the aviation administration. If it passes through, we can hope we’ll all get some extra leg room.

    Question 5. What do we learn about the first flight of the Airlander 10?

    Question 6. What caused the US government to abandon the Airlander 10 as a spy aircraft?

    Question 7. What is the advantage of Airlander 10 over huge jet planes?


    Conversation 1

    M: Do you feel like going out tonight?

    W: yeah, why not? We haven’t been out for ages! What’s on?

    M: Well, there is a film about climate change. Dose it sound good to you?

    W: Oh, not really. It doesn’t really appeal to me. What’s it about? Just climate change?

    M: I think it’s about how climate change affects everyday life. I wonder how they make it entertaining.

    W: Well, it sounds really awful. It’s an important subject, I agree. But I’m not in the mood for anything depressing. What else is on?

    M: There’s a Spanish dance festival.

    W: Oh, I love dance. That sounds really interesting.

    M: apparently, it’s absolutely brilliant. Let’s see what it says in the paper. Anna Gomez leads in an exciting production of a great Spanish love story, Carmen.

    W: Okay then, what time is it on?

    M: at 7:30

    W: well, that’s no good. We haven’t got enough time to get there. Is there anything else?

    M: There’s a comedy special on.

    W: where is it on?

    M: It’s at the city theater. It’s a charity comedy night with lots of different acts. It looks pretty good. The credit in the local paper says it’s the funniest things he’s ever seen. It says here Roger white head is an amazing host to a night a fun performances.

    W: Hummm, I’m not keen on him. He is not very funny.

    M: Are you sure you fancy going out tonight? You are not very enthusiastic.

    W: Perhaps you are right. Okay, let’s go see the dance. But tomorrow, not tonight.

    M: Great, I’ll book the tickets online.

    Q8: What dose the woman think about climate change?

    Q9: Why do the speakers give up going to the Spanish dance festival tonight?

    Q10: What dose the credit says about the comedy performed in the city theater?

    Q11: What does the woman decide to do tomorrow?

    Conversation 2

    W: Good morning Mr. Lee, may I have a manage of your time?

    M: Sure, Catherine. What can I do for you?

    W: I’m quite anxious about transferring over to your college. I’m afraid I won’t fit in.

    M: Don’t worry, Catherine. It’s completely normal for you to be nervous about transferring schools. This happens to many transfer students.

    W: Yes, I know, but I’m younger than most students in my year and that worries me a lot.

    M: Well, you may be the only younger one in your year, but you know we have a lot of afterschool activities you can join in, and so this way, you’ll be able to meet new friends of different age groups.

    W: That’s nice! I love games and hobby groups.

    M: I’m sure you do. So you will be just fine. Don’t worry so much and try to make the most of what we have on offer here. Also, remember you can come to me any time of the day if you need help. W: Thanks so much. I definitely feel better now. As a matter of fact, I’ve already contacted one of the girls who’s been living in the same house with me, and she seems really nice. I guess living on campus, I’ll have a chance to have a close circle of friends since we’ll be living together.

    M: All students are very friendly with new arrivals. Let me check who would be living with you in your flat. Okay, there hare Hannah, Kelly and Bree. Bree is also a new student here like you. I’m sure you two will have more to share with each other.

    Q12: Why does Catherine feel anxious?

    Q13: What does Mr. Lee encourage Catherine to do?

    Q14: What does Mr. Lee promise to do for Catherine?



    Have you ever felt like you would do just about anything to satisfy your hunger? A new study in mice may help to explain why hunger can feel like such a powerful motivating force。 In the study, researchers found that hunger outweighed other physical drives including fear, thirst and social needs to determine which feeling won out。 The researchers did a series of experiments。

    In one experiment。 The mice were both hungry and thirsty。 When given the choice of either eating food or drinking water, the mice went for the food the researchers found。 However, when the mice were well-fed but thirsty they opted to drink according to the study。

    In the second experiment meant to pit the mice’s hunger against their fear。 Hungry mice were placed in a cage that had certain Fox centered areas and other places that smelled safer。 In other words, not like an animal that could eat them but also had food。 It turned out that when the mice were hungry they ventured into the unsafe areas for food。 But when the mice were well-fed they stayed in areas of the cage that were considered safe。 Hunger also outweighed the mice‘s social needs, the researchers found。 Mice are usually social animals and prefer to be in the company of other mice according to the study。 When the mice were hungry they opted to leave the company of other mice to go get food。

    Q16。 What is the researchers’ purpose in carrying out the Su‘s experiments with mice?(标红的位置没听清)

    Q17。 In what circumstances do mice venture into unsafe areas?

    Q18。 What is said about mice at the end of the passage?

    Passage 2

    The United States has one of the best highway systems in the world。 Interstate highways connect just about every large and mid-sized city in the country。 Did u ever wonder why such a complete system of excellent roads exists? For an answer, u would have to go back to the early 1920s。 In those years just after World War 1, the military wanted to build an American highway system for national defense such a system could if necessary move troops quickly from one area to another。 It could also get people out of cities in danger of being bombed, so-called roads of national importance were designated, but they were mostly small country roads。 In 1944 Congress passed a bill to upgrade the system but did not fund the plan right away。 In the 1950s, the plan began to become a reality。 Over 25 billion dollars was appropriated by Congress and construction began on about 40000 miles of new roads。 The idea was to connect the new system to existing expressways and freeways。 And though the system was built mostly to make car travel easier, defense was not forgotten。 For instance, highway overpasses had to be high enough to allow trailers carrying military missiles to pass under them。 By 1974,this system was mostly completed a few additional roads would come later。 Quick and easy travel between all parts of the country was now possible。

    Questions 19 to 21 are based on the passage you have just heard。

    Q19。 What does the speaker say about the American highway system。

    Q20。 What was the original purpose of building a highway system。

    Q21。 When was the interstate highway system mostly completed。

    Passage 3

    Texting while driving was listed as a major cause of road deaths among young Americans back in 2013。 A recent study said that 40 percent of American teens claimed to have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger。 This sounds like a widespread disease but it‘s one that technology may now help to cure。 T.J。 Evert, a 20 –year-old inventor, has come up with a novel solution that could easily put texting drivers on notice。 It’s called Smart Wheel and it‘s designed to fit over the steering wheel of most standard vehicles to track whether or not the driver has two hands on the wheel at all times。 Evert’s invention warns the drivers with a light and a sound when they hold the wheel with one hand only。 But as soon as they place the other hand back on the wheel the light turns back to green and the sound stops。 It also watches for what’s called “close by hands” where both hands are close together near the top of the wheel, so the driver can type with both thumbs and drive at the same time。 All the data smart wheel collects is also sent to a connected app, so any parents who install smart wheel can keep track of the teen‘s driving habits。 If they try to remove or damage the cover, that’s reported as well。

    Q22。 What is a major cause of road deaths among young Americans?

    Q23。 What is Smart Wheel?

    Q24。 What happens if the driver has one hand on the wheel?

    Q25。 How do parents keep track of their teen‘s driving habits?


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